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Our vision is a world that is powered 100% by renewable energies. To contribute to bring this vision into reality, we will deliver innovative solutions to wind turbines in land and off-shore to improve their annual energy production, and at the same time reduce the cost of wind energy.


Our mission is to improve the efficiency of wind turbines to produce more clean energy and reduce the cost of this energy. XTT fills a niche between OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and Wind Farm Owners/Developers, in which it brings to both of them large improvements in efficiency.


Our purpose is to make wind energy more economically attractive, and to help reducing coal and natural gas emissions as an alternative renewable energy source. Indirectly, we want to help reducing the costs and damages associated with climate change and public health.

XPEED Turbine Technology (XTT) is a startup engineering company spin-off from Rutgers University, NJ. XTT dedicated to provide cost effective technologies to make wind turbines more efficient, to make wind energy more competitive and to improve wind farms profitability. XTT brings an innovative cost-effective solution to wind turbines called "Aerodynamic Flow Deflectors" that improves the annual energy production (AEP) while reducing the Cost of Energy (COE). The innovation has the potential to address the efficiency demands of wind farm owners/operators and to reduce the time until ROIs.

Our motivation is to advance the wind energy sector since we believe that we should not depend on using non-renewable energy sources that harm the environment, especially with the enormous potential of wind and sun energies to cover all energy demand in the future. We also want to be able to reinvest cash in the company to expand research horizons and to develop new products/services in different aerospace/engineering industries to fulfill societal needs. We love the combination of R&D and solving societal needs.

XTT wants to leverage the research done in the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department at Rutgers University to the wind turbine industry. XTT was founded by Dr. Arturo Villegas Vaquero and Dr. Franciso J. Diez-Garias which are also the inventors of the aerodynamic flow deflector technology. They have been successfully working collaboratively for 8 years. They have published 8 journal papers in top scientific journals (Renewable Energy, Experiments in Fluids, International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science and Electrophoresis) and 6 conference papers (at ASME and APS), and filed a PCT patent-pending application.


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Arturo Villegas (CEO)

Dr. Arturo Villegas is Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at XTT. Dr. Villegas is the co-inventor of the XTT aerodynamic deflector technology. He received is PhD degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in May 2014 at Rutgers University (NJ). Dr. Villegas main research of interest is within the area of fluid dynamics. This include the study of wings and wind turbine aerodynamics, particle image velocimetry, Navier-Stokes equations, wind and water tunnel experiments, turbulent flows and electrokinetics. Dr. Villegas has published 8 journal publications on top scientific journals and 7 conference papers presented on main fluid dynamics conferences. His research has been funded by a collaboration between DOT and CAIT (Rutgers), and NSF SBIR.

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Javier Diez (CTO)

Dr. Javier Diez is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at XTT and Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Rutgers University. Dr. Diez is the co-inventor of the XTT aerodynamic deflector technology. He is the author of over 50 journal articles, conference papers, and technical publications, and has given over 15 invited lectures, in the areas of turbulence, flow control, experimental fluids and wind energy among others. He has also served as a reviewer of multiple journals and government evaluation panels. Dr. Diez’s primary research interests lie in the areas of thermal fluid measurements. These include microfluidic actuators, active flow control, turbulent flows, flow diagnostics (i.e.: Particle-Image- Velocimetry (PIV), Planar-Laser-Induced-Fluorescence (PLIF), pulsed shadowgraph and holography) and multiphase flows, all of which have important and diverse applications. His research has been funded by industry and government agencies such as NSF, ONR, NASA, FAA, DARPA, and AFOSR among others. Professor Diez has received certificates of recognition from, NASA, Boeing and SPACEHAB, and NASA Combustion Module-2 Managers.

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Carl Shoemaker (COO)

Mr. Carl Shoemaker is the Chief Operating Officer at XPEED and Business Coach at ActionCoach (NJ). Mr. Shoemaker is a certified Business Coach with extensive background in business. His goal is to improve performance of small business, built strong marketing plans and improve financial performance.

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