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XTT backgorund
  • Can be applied to any current turbine operating or new blade design

  • It is passive and does not require external power to function

  • The aerodynamic elements are shaped as flat plates or thin airfoils

  • Takes advantage of low-mid wind speeds (high demand) to capture the radial component of the velocity.

  • Can be combined with vortex generators (VGs)

  • Wind tunnel and field tests validation

  • Proven scalability up to 260ft (78m) rotor diameter

  • 3rd party tests validations including the GE 1.5MW SLE turbine at NREL's NWTC showing up to 4% Annual Energy Production (AEP) increase following the IEC 61400-12-1 industry standard

  • Exclusive license - US and International issued patents


  • Fiberglass epoxy laminate (superior durability and strength)

  • Contoured to match blade surface for maximum adhesion

  • Large stress safety margins at each location

  • Coated to match blade topcoat and erosion resistance

  • Bonded to fiberglass surface of blade using structural adhesive (no tapes) to withstand maximum load forces

  • Deflectors installed within 1 day for minimum down time

NREL install.jpg


Small wind kit and installation

Distributed wind kit and installation

Utility scale wind kit and installation

Tidal energy kit and installation

Sublicense for OEM companies

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