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Reduce LCOE up to 3%

(Wind energy more competitive)

Increase AEP up to 4%

(More homes powered with clean energy)

Wind Farm ROI: 1.5-3 Years

(Early return on investment)

Takes advantage of low-mid wind speeds

 (Typically during high demand periods)



The wind industry needs to deliver lower Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE). Scaling up turbine sizes has created logistical challenges. XTT deflectors reduce the LCOE (1-3%) without increasing the turbine size. The innovation has the potential to address the efficiency demands of wind farm owners/operators and to reduce the time until ROIs. Positive deflectors ROIs occur in about 2 years.

High Industry Growth:

  • 18% annual growth rate in the US (12% projected till 2022)

  • Over 59,000 operating utility wind turbines across the U.S (360,000 globally)


Big Impact:

  • Power an extra 1 million homes in the US by using our technology

  • Create hundreds/thousands of new jobs 

  • Reduced carbon pollution by 5 million metric tons

  • $60 million a year in tax payments to communities

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